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Plastic foils cut to size

At EICHNER you can rely on decades of experience in plastics processing along with continuous process development and improvement.

Depending on the specifications and objectives for the finished product, we recommend and use different plastic foils to guarantee you an optimal, high-quality item.

Our machine facilities are state of the art and our employees continuously undergo further training to ensure they are ready to meet any challenge.

Contact us directly and take advantage of an initial, no-obligation consultation!

Plastic foils for different applications

Plastic foils and foils are characterised by a wide range of applications for different industries as well as their cost-effective and typically simple production and processing.

Plastic foils processed by EICHNER include:

PP (PolyPropylen)

PVC (PolyVinylChlorid)

PET (PolyEthylenTerephthalat)

PC (Poly-Carbonat)

PE (Poly-Ethylen)

ABS (AcrylnitrilButadienStyrol)

We would be delighted to inform you about the various manufacturing processes for plastic foils:

Separating plastic foils

Forming plastic foils

Joining plastic foils

Finishing plastic foils

At EICHNER we can put any plastic foil to the best possible use for you and transform it into a specific product. And we always keep an eye on costs and quality for you.

Whether you are planning a series production or you need a single masterpiece: We partner with you to make your vision a reality – with precision, quality and speed.



    Polypropylene and PP foils offer impressive characteristics such as their high durability and puncture resistance, which makes them a very robust and stable plastic foil in plastics processing. Moreover, the thin foil is cost-effective and thermoplastic, resulting in low water vapour permeability and resistance to fats and oils. Typical applications include packaging, especially for the food and beverage industry.



    PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a type of plastic that is used in a wide range of product groups due to its elasticity. A distinction is made primarily between soft and hard PVC. Rigid PVC is used for index sheets in binders or ring binders and industrial applications, whereas flexible PVC is mainly used for the production of transparent and ID covers. The combination of rigid and flexible PVC offers the excellent application advantages of both materials. Their durability makes these products particularly resistant to external influences, thus ensuring long life.



    PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a plastic foil with high tensile strength. It is also UV-resistant and has excellent electrical conductivity. This makes PET plastic foil suitable for many different applications. However, it is primarily used in the packaging industry for transparent boxes.


    Other plastic foils

    We rely mainly on biodegradable materials and sustainable production and printing processes for our plastic foils.


    Polycarbonate (PC) is a high-quality plastic and is characterised by its high strength and optical clarity. The flexible material forms the basis for a range of versatile solutions approaches in a variety of applications and industries.


    Polyethylenes (PE) belong to the category of polyolefins. PE plastics processing is extremely versatile thanks to its low density and its soft and elastic material. Since PE is particularly suited for processing into thin foils, the plastic is often used for so-called HDPE (high-density) and LDPE (low-density) foils. These are frequently used in the packaging sector.


    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is especially popular due to its versatility – the plastic is characterised by its high durability, long life and rigidity and has very good impact and fracture properties.

Plastics for office and organisational supplies

The office and organisational supplies sector is a highly competitive market. Rely on high-quality, cost-effective plastic foil and an experienced partner in plastics processing. EICHNER supports you every step of the way, from providing you with an initial consultation to delivering your orders on time and to the highest quality standards.

Take advantage of an initial kick-off for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your ideas and requirements. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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