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Printed ring binders and clipboards

Whether at construction sites, conferences or on-site meetings – anyone who needs to take notes on the go and without the convenience of a desk should never go without clipboards and ring binders.

While clipboards ensure organisation and professionalism on the go, ring folders, presentation files and custom-printed ring binders are irreplaceable for creating order and presence in the office.

Clipboards and ring binders are ideal for printing and offer plenty of advertising space for all your content. Share both items directly with your customers and employees along with any compiled documents to facilitate inspections, consultations or contract negotiations.

We look forward to your individual suggestions and ideas!

Product overview

Always one idea ahead! Printed advertising media from EICHNER will help you make a good impression on your customers and your own employees.

Feel free to choose from our wide range of products:

Ring binders and ring folders

Clipboards and writing cases

Mousepads and counter mats

Advertising material and incentives

We enable you to simply adapt and customise even standard products. Or you can directly choose a custom-made product – our team looks forward to hearing your great ideas and wishes!

Plastic foil sleeves

Plastic foil pockets and pouches

Folders and binders made from plastic foils

Plastic foil packaging

Stylish organisation aids

As a direct producer of customised products, it is a matter of ease and a matter of principle to realise all of your personal requests in a cost-effective, high-quality way. Many renowned customers have already placed their trust in us and we are proud of each and every one of them.

No matter what you ultimately decide on at the product level: With us you are sure to have the right partner at your side for your custom-made product!


Customised individuality

If you are looking for an appealing ring binder for training seminars and conferences or want to present your product documents in a high-quality ring folder – EICHNER makes the product that is right for you. We offer a large selection of ring binders in various formats and colours, but you can also customise them to make your very own product. This additionally enhances your documents and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.


A constant presence in everyday life

EICHNER clipboards make your everyday documentation routines with clipboards and writing cases that much easier while keeping your documents in order and secure. Choose from various features such as robust clamp mechanisms, pen holders and a wide variety of formats. You can even select the closure system that best suits your needs. This way you always have everything in sight and within reach.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

“Have your own customised product created for you. I would be delighted to advise you on our services.”

Luisa Bauer, Sales Consultant

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All of the most important things at a glance

Enhance and simplify time spent on the PC. Use mousepads and counter mats to remind your employees, customers and guests of you and your business with products they encounter in their everyday lives. All without being intrusive: If your own design is appealing and is also applied to a very practical product, your target audience will always have a positive reminder of you and your business.

You can count on EICHNER: We not only have decades of experience in processing plastics for effective advertising via office and organisation aids. We also directly implement industry trends for you: We advise you from the initial kick-off meeting to design, materials, quality and affordable prices.


For the perfect first impression

Our passion for plastics as versatile materials allows us to offer standard items along with the manufacture of complete custom-made products. Our standard range of advertising material and incentives for office and organisation includes: Sleeves, pockets & pouches, folders & binders, packaging, ring binders & clipboards along with customised solutions.

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You know your goal, we have the solution to get you there

Ring binder, clipboard, presentation folder and so on

In the office you need ring binders that are so well designed and finished that neither your customers nor your employees will lose them in cabinets or filing rooms.

During on-site appointments, give your customers a coordinated combination featuring a ring binder and clipboard. This ensures that all documents are stored in CI embossed files and you make a great first impression, for example by presenting a small gift during your first visit and making it even easier to take notes.

We look forward to an initial, no-obligation meeting with you.

Custom designs for ring binders and clipboards

Clipboards and ring binders usually feature a very uniform design with little to no variety. Here at EICHNER, we use our expertise and industry knowledge to give you important, creative input on how you can transform ordinary office and organisation aids into visual highlights with brand recognition.

After all, the only way to ensure your CI, logo and/or advertising message remains top of mind with your customers is to make them want to use the ring binder or clipboard folder again and again.

Professional presentation inside and outside the office with clipboard and ring binder

EICHNER allows you to place orders for products with different features, even in small quantities. We keep your expenses for production and materials as low as possible while maintaining high-quality results.

And we always draw on our expertise: All types of printing, finishing and joining services for plastics along with the option of manufacturing and combining clipboards and ring binders with extra features.

Laminating and lining

UV printing and screen printing

Ring mechanisms with up to 23 rings

Clamping mechanisms and metal eyelets

Insert pockets for inside, outside and spine

Rado eyelets and reinforced metal corners

Slipcases and filers as optional additional features

Customised standard products with EICHNER

For example, you can have self-adhesive pockets, hot embossing, print embossing, extra holders for pens, mobile phones, keys or the like attached to the organiser items. Designs can be printed across the spine.

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers. So your customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Try out our ideas and suggestions for implementation during an initial, no-obligation kick-off! We love to be challenged.