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Protective plastic sleeves

Decades of experience and innovation in processing plastics, PP, PE and PVC foils have made us one of the most highly qualified specialists in the field.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities, continuously evolving logistics workflows and flexible toolmaking enable us to offer you high-quality, sustainable plastic privacy sleeves to protect documents or other items.

We are flexible and committed to manufacturing customised products from our selection of sleeves that clearly conform to your specifications. And we always work in direct contact with you: From preparing the offer right through to the finished product, you remain informed of every step and can make adjustments in the process at any time based on the available options.

This allows us to provide customer-oriented manufacturing services with fast delivery times.

Product overview

We manufacture our transparent sleeves ourselves and can design, print, finish and process them entirely according to your wishes.

Feel free to choose from our wide range of products:

Lottery ticket sleeves and coin sleeves

ID covers and credit card covers

Book covers, notebook covers and double covers

Transparent pockets and information pockets/pouches

Document pockets and expandable pockets

We enable you to simply adapt and customise even standard products. Or you can directly choose a custom-made product – our team looks forward to hearing your great ideas and wishes!

Plastic foil pockets and pouches

Folders and binders made from plastic foils

Plastic foil packaging

Ring binders and clipboards made from plastic foils

Plastic sleeves: Protection and individuality

As a direct producer of customised products, it is a matter of ease and a matter of principle to realise all of your personal requests in a cost-effective, high-quality way. Many renowned customers have already placed their trust in us and we are proud of each and every one of them.

No matter what you ultimately decide on at the product level: With us you are sure to have the right partner at your side for your custom-made product!


Individual and personalized

Whether contracts, deeds, certificates or vaccination documents – EICHNER document pockets and transparent sleeves help you protect your most important papers and documents from damage or environmental influences. The transparent design not only keeps your office, shop or warehouse nice and neat; it also enables you to find your documents quickly. The plastic document pockets and transparent sleeves are available in many different sizes and designs.


Perfect protection on the go

Protect your most important documents, passports or other papers from dirt and moisture with EICHNER ID and folding covers. Our pockets and sleeves are available in all common formats such as DIN A4 and A5 along with all common passport and ID formats and can be dyed or printed according to your individual specifications. Whether open at the narrow top or a double cover with tuck flaps on both sides – we offer the perfect protection for your vehicle registration document, passport, vaccination document or any other official document.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

“Have your own customised product created for you. I would be delighted to advise you on our services.”

Luisa Bauer, Sales Consultant

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Extensive storage solutions

Punched pockets from EICHNER stand for high quality and flawless workmanship. Premium-quality processing and the precision fit allow you to effectively store important documents and papers and give them the best possible protection from dust, dirt or other contaminants. What’s more, the transparent surface means you always have all of your most important documents in view. Punched pockets are available in all common formats and surface finishes.


Easy and safe storage

Whether for protection or storage – circuit diagram pouches from EICHNER allow you to effectively protect your circuit diagrams, operating manuals or maintenance schedules in your switch cabinets. The circuit diagram pouches are extremely robust and offer you a wide range of potential uses for all common cabinet, shelf and rack surfaces.

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You know your goal, we have the solution to get you there

Custom-made transparent sleeves tailored to customer specifications

Sometimes the customised design is not enough and dimensions and formats must correspond to individual specifications. No problem with EICHNER: Our range of products not only includes standard dimensions, but also customised transparent sleeves with your very own finishing.

We can also realise your customised products in smaller quantities, on time and in the highest quality.

Transparent pockets: Standard and customised products

Our sleeves are made from a variety of materials, so we can find the perfect plastic to ideally process your requirements. Our aim is to provide high quality at a low cost.

The more a product deviates from standard dimensions, the greater the expenditure required to produce it. But here as well, we work closely with you to find an affordable solution that results in the optimum finished product.

This means that colour adjustments, printing, finishing, punching, riveting or adhesive bonding and welding can be customised. Just ask us! We would be delighted to help you with your customised products: We will gladly accept any challenge!

Transparent sleeve manufacturer with own production facilities

We offer a wide range of plastic covers for your office or industrial needs.

This includes high-quality ID covers, which provide optimum protection for nameplates as well as official ID papers. If you need a way to securely attach your IDs or documents, simply choose one of our self-adhesive sleeves.

To protect documents and files from dirt and damage, we offer premium-quality document pockets and file covers. Transparent folding sleeves also feature a flap. The flap prevents your documents from slipping out.

Punched pockets perforated on the side are prefect for filing in ring binders or tender document folders. You can also choose coloured or transparent tender document folders. These are available in a variety of designs, making your office organisation that much easier.

Other types of plastic sleeves include suspension pockets or zip pockets/pouches.

Suspension sleeves and pockets are perfect for marking goods with prices and product labels. Zip pockets/pouches, on the other hand, effectively protect any stored items against dirt and moisture.

Consistency and recognition

Because what you can achieve with customised plastic pockets is worth every single step. Your external and internal corporate image is uniform, promotes identification with your products and helps you enhance your brand recognition.

Why should you entrust us with this essential work? Because we are your reliable and creative partner with highly qualified employees and constantly evolving production facilities. We focus clearly on customer orientation!

Excellent quality straight from the manufacturer

On-time, fast delivery with continuously improved logistics chains

Affordable prices based on your product requirements and our commitment to quality

Competent, fair advice from expert staff with extensive product knowledge

Open production steps to maintain transparency for you

Collaboration as a project partner