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Organiser pockets, service boards, self-adhesive pockets, wire hanger pockets


Individual plastic organiser pockets

You never get a second chance to make a first impression: Organiser pockets must be high quality, robust, durable and professional. With your customised storage solutions from EICHNER, you are opting for the highest quality standards: from production to the finished product in your hand.

For plastic pouches, we not only offer you printing, finishing and other extras such as velcro fasteners or rivets. We can also easily provide you with special formats and non-standard dimensions.

We always look forward to these types of orders, because they allow us to put our skills to the test and expand our expertise in a positive way. You and your satisfaction are always at the heart of everything we do.

Rely on our plastics processing expertise and contact us! We will meet with you in an initial kick-off to discuss your objectives and all the possibilities we have to offer!

Product overview

We manufacture our plastic pockets/pouches ourselves and can design, print, finish and process them entirely according to your wishes.

Feel free to choose from our wide range of products:

Service boards and document pouches

Magnetic pouches and transparent pouches

Self-adhesive pockets and switch cabinet pouches

Wire hanger pockets and suspension pockets

We enable you to simply adapt and customise even standard products. Or you can directly choose a custom-made product – our team looks forward to hearing your great ideas and wishes!

Plastic foil sleeves

Folders and binders made from plastic foils

Plastic foil packaging

Ring binders and clipboards made from plastic foils

Customised solutions for special requirements

As a direct producer of customised products, it is a matter of ease and a matter of principle to realise all of your personal requests in a cost-effective, high-quality way. Many renowned customers have already placed their trust in us and we are proud of each and every one of them.

No matter what you ultimately decide on at the product level: With us you are sure to have the right partner at your side for your custom-made product!


Information where and when you need it

Every switch cabinet needs a circuit diagram. Protect it with circuit diagram pouches from EICHNER. The pouches have a self-adhesive back and a cardboard-reinforced expanding fold, which makes them especially robust and universally suited for production facilities or warehouses. This keeps all your important information in view and within reach.


Magnetic, practical, good

Our magnetic pouches are ideal, e.g. for labelling metallic storage and transport containers, storage shelves and lattice boxes. You can easily put them on and take them off as needed without screws, anchors or drilling holes. The data sheets can be replaced just as quickly. Whether graphics, lists, images or plans – protect your labelling from damage due to transport and use!

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have

“Have your own customised product created for you. I would be delighted to advise you on our services.”

Luisa Bauer, Sales Consultant

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Robust companions

EICHNER’s versatile transparent pouches and wire hanger pockets let you display important information such as bar codes, storage bins or job instructions directly at the place of use. Depending on your requirements, full-surface foils can protect your documents or open frames can allow information to be entered. We offer a wide range of transparent pouches and wire hanger pockets that are suitable for many office, shop, warehouse and logistics applications.


Customised structuring

Self-adhesive pockets make it easier to organise your office and warehouse. EICHNER pockets can be manufactured in any number of shapes, sizes and formats. The self-adhesive pockets are also available as standard in various DIN formats from DIN A4 to C5 and even business card size.

To enhance quality even further, we can also provide additional processing, finishes, printing and other extras for your self-adhesive pockets. Take advantage of punches, embossing and rivets to make your items unique.

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You know your goal, we have the solution to get you there

Your company’s flagship

We look forward to hearing your individual ideas on the perfect presentation of your business and services. After all, your ideas should be in the spotlight – from the very first moment on.

At EICHNER you can expect high quality at the best price. Transparency is key: We work for you and with you to weigh the different advantages of all materials, processing steps and additional features to manufacture the best, most durable product for you.

Print customised pockets and pouches

Sometimes it simply is not meant to be and your own ideas and visions will not fit into any single norm. We can manufacture, print, cellophane wrap or add any necessary extras to your service board or magnetic pouch according to your wishes.

We customise your pockets and pouches based on your specific requirements while also finding sustainable plastics. Our PP, PE or PVC foils are either biodegradable or fully recyclable.

This means you can count on quality and sustainability for your service boards or magnetic pouches.

Short runs for printing plastic pockets and pouches: Customised and unique

Our production chains and routes and modern machines make printing short runs easy. As with larger order volumes, transparency and customer satisfaction are top priorities here as well:

You can enquire into the production status and make any necessary adjustments at any time. We inform you of every step and focus on fast delivery times and flexible production. Our logistics are also geared to short supply chains and can be adapted to accommodate different shipping units, product variations and quantities in line with your requirements.

Customised finishes deliver unique results for you

Different finishes give your pocket or pouch a customised design. Printing, surface structures, closures or other add-ons such as business card inserts make your product unique.

No matter what you wish to transport or protect – customised pockets and pouches from EICHNER are designed and produced according to your wishes

Printing or cellophane wrapping

Riveting, embossing and punching

Velcro fasteners and zip fasteners

Transparent or opaque

For punched or unpunched content

Available in special sizes up to DIN A0