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Separating processes

The overarching term plastics separating stands for a multitude of manufacturing methods such as punching, cutting, milling or drilling in order to produce a finished plastic cut from a plastic blank made of different materials. We have precision punching, cutting and sawing facilities that enable us to realise any desired format. We execute all preliminary work for fully automated production on our CNC cutting and roll cutting machines.

We can produce complex, high-quality plastic moulded parts with ease – at comparatively affordable production costs.

If you are seeking an expert with decades of experience to professionally separate plastic – then you have come to the right place. Our know-how and specially developed process technologies enable us to achieve outstanding quality that guarantees you both maximum security and excellent productivity.






We would be delighted to inform you of our other manufacturing processes for plastic foils:

Forming plastic foils

Joining plastic foils

Finishing plastic foils

Materials used

With our many years of experience in plastics processing, we are your partner when it comes to planning and implementing your projects.

Plastics processing by separating: Fast and affordable

The combination of experienced staff, state-of-the-art machinery and streamlined coordination paths at EICHNER guarantees you always receive the best value for money. We always have the right methods and the latest technology along with the right machines to match the respective material and shaping requirements. Trust in our proven quality!


    Punching Plastic foils

    Punching is a mechanical process used to bring plastic foils into a specific, predefined shape or size. Our personal experience and our state-of-the-art machine facilities allow us to produce plastic parts with high precision, thereby minimising material loss. The EICHNER punching process is centred around high quality and short production times – regardless of the quantity.


    Cutting plastic foils

    Our extensive machine facilities include slitting machines and cutting plotters along with other equipment that also allows us to cut plastic foil and foil – regardless of the quantities and geometries. Thanks to our know-how and our constant focus on customer satisfaction, we are able to cut plastics into strips made of PVC, PP, PET, etc. in a variety of dimensions.


    Other separating processes

    Alongside punching and cutting, our core competencies in foil processing include machining using milling, sawing and drilling.


    For example, we can produce all types of shapes from plexiglas or ABS solid material using our modern CNC milling machines. In addition to grooves, joints and slots, we can also round and finish the edges of plastic sheets.


    Band saws, circular saws and jigsaws give us the right tools for all types of applications that require cutting and separating thicker plastic sheets.


    We can drill plastic sheets and plastic foils and foils. Drilling film stacks is an affordable alternative to punching hole patterns, especially when it comes to producing larger quantities.

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