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Coburg, Germany

Our parent company in Coburg is responsible for procurement, sales and marketing as well as the main warehouse. From here we provide support to customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic along with customers from Scandinavia and Western Europe. Our own production mainly takes care of planning boards and organisational tools. This is also where the subsidiaries BOI Dokutech GmbH and XOTO Technology GmbH are headquartered.

Eichner parent company

Sovodenj, Slovenia

The EICHNER production site in Slovenia, Termopol d.o.o., has been part of the group since 1994. All kinds of plastic and cardboard products are developed and produced there. Furthermore, Termopol also supports customers in the Balkan States and Southern Europe as well as the local market. High-quality products made of PP, PVC, PET and cardboard are produced with existing machine facilities. Termopol has the option of cost-effectively producing large quantities fully automatically or individual products in small quantities.

Termopol production

Individual. Innovative.

In Europe.


  • history engelberteichnerThe EICHNER organisation was founded by Engelbert Eichner in Katowice/Upper Silesia on 1 April 1930. Within a short time, the company grew in size to gain a substantial market position in Silesia. The core fields of business were organisation, wage and finance accounting as well as office machines.

    history engelberteichner

    After being ordered to move from Katowice and Wroclaw to Coburg in Upper Franconia, the factory fell victim to an Allied bombing in February 1945. The company was rebuilt from scratch in Coburg, Bamberg and later in Nuremberg. In addition, the Süddeutsche Büromöbelfabrik (Southern German Office Furniture Factory) was founded in Creidlitz to expand the company’s business segments.

    The office machines business was expanded in Frankfurt during the 1950s. Tremendous growth resulted in the company having its own sales offices and important domestic and foreign offices.

    1959 saw the development and establishment of the production and the worldwide sales of EICHNER office machines. The EICHNER Group was regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the up-and-coming office machine sector in Germany and was well known throughout Europe. EICHNER products were marketed in the most important industrialised countries in the world, including Japan, Canada, Australia and the USA.

    EICHNER History 1930-1965
  • history 2nd generation1967 marked the sale of the then world-renowned EICHNER Büromaschinen to a German electro-group. The company then focussed on the Coburg site and the development of the factory for organisational tools, where the headquarters of the EICHNER organisation remain today. A partnership was formed at this time with Kalle AG, a subsidiary of the Hoechst group, in order to set up the microfilm business. Furthermore, an advanced filing system for data media was developed along with an electronic master-control system for production control in production plants.

    history 2nd generation

    During the 1970s, the EICHNER organisation was able to record continuous growth. This led to the expansion of our own sales offices and the acquisition of qualified specialist retail companies as sales partners. The name EICHNER was increasingly associated with innovative organisational solutions with the leading companies in the commercial sector among its many customers.

    In 1975 EICHNER Systems Inc. was founded in Itasca near Chicago for the EICHNER data organisation range. The company founder’s sons, Dr. Wolf Eichner and Falk-Jürgen Eichner, took over the management of the group and began to reorganise the company in Coburg. In 1981 EICHNER Datentechnik GmbH was founded in Munich with the aim of developing its own comprehensive software for small and medium-sized production companies.

    As part of these restructuring efforts, the American EICHNER Systems was sold to Fellowes Inc. in Itasca/Illinois in 1983.

    EICHNER History 1966-1989
  • history reunionAfter the German reunification, the branch in Halle was founded and sales offices were set up in Berlin and Halle. This laid the foundation for business activities in Germany’s new federal states. In 1994 the EICHNER organisation acquired a majority stake in Termopol AG/Slovenia, a leading manufacturer of plastic products on the Slovenian market.

    history reunion

    The acquisition of the Ozaphan microfilm business from Kalle AG helped the company advance to become a market leader for Diazo duplicating films. This led to a reorganisation and separation into three business divisions in 1997: EICHNER Microfilm, EICHNER Organisation Systems and EICHNER Presentation Systems.

    In 1999 EICHNER Organisation KG was transformed into a GmbH & Co. KG. Later, operations were divided into a holding company and an operating company. Moreover, practically all Termopol shares were procured and the company was subsequently transformed into a GmbH, Termopol d.o.o.

    In 2002 Techno-Film, a mail order company for the sale of various lamps for industrial and scientific applications was acquired and integrated into the division organisation as part of the EICHNER Group.

    EICHNER History 1990-2005
  • history presentThe acquisition of BOI-Development and renaming the company BOI-Dokutech GmbH in 2006 resulted in the successful involvement of the company in the direct sale of products for nursing documentation and organisation in hospitals and clinics. In 2009 the Buchner nursing organisation for home nursing services, as well as nursing homes and homes for the elderly joined the group; thus complementing the range for this part of the healthcare market, in addition to the hospital activities of BOI-DOKUTECH GmbH.

    history present

    In 2011 Mr. Bernd H. Kirsch, who had previously been the managing director responsible for technology, took over the exclusive management of the company. Sales over the next few years continued to concentrate on specialist trade and mail order structures and the further development of the EICHNER brand.

    The subsidiary BOI-DOKUTECH GmbH achieved a new, extended structure and magnitude in 2012/2013. In the future, the BOI company would embrace both segments for nursing documentation and organisation for hospitals and clinics as well as inpatient and home nursing services.

    2014 ushered in the extensive expansion and modernisation of the Slovenia site with automated machines and robot cells. Termopol thus cemented its position as one of the market leaders in the plastics processing industry in Southeastern Europe. Due to continuous growth, the Coburg location was also expanded with new office and warehouse space from 2017. In addition, the new production site in Lautertal was also put into operation.

    EICHNER History 2006-heute

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