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Forming processes

Plastic foils can be processed and machined in a variety of ways. At EICHNER we rely on a wide range of common forming process methods, which we are always further developing and optimising.

Our experience and constant innovation are what make us one of the leading plastic foil processors, which is why we can proudly guarantee you high-quality consumer and industrial products.

The term plastics forming usually refers to thermoforming or deep drawing. However, in addition to deep drawing, we also use the bending and folding processes. The right process for your needs depends on your individual product expectations: We are happy to help you define your expectations in a kick-off meeting!

Process methods for plastics forming

We find the best production method for your products: After all, each material behaves differently with regard to the processing temperature, recrystallisation, recovery properties and thermal expansion.



Deep embossing

We would be delighted to inform you of our other manufacturing processes for plastic foils:

Separating plastic foils

Joining plastic foils

Finishing plastic foils

Materials used

We also consider factors like price, quality, shape and quantity when selecting the optimum forming method. We work closely with you, our customer, to coordinate each of these steps, giving you the transparency you need to track every stage of the process.

Forming thermoplastic foils

Thermoforming is a method for processing thermoplastics and plastic foils. It is also often referred to as vacuum deep drawing, deep drawing or hot forming, although the latter term is sometimes considered outdated.

The tools and dies required for this process are also called thermoforms. The most commonly used materials for plastic forming are:

Transparent thermoplastics: PP, PS or PET

Thermoplastics: PE, PA, ABS, acrylic glass, PETG, PMMA or polycarbonate

Thermoforming is not only used for individual presentation products such as model signs custom made for cars, for instance. It is also very common in industrial applications in particular: e.g. for packaging in the food and beverage industry, components for the automotive or electrical industries or PE pipes in the construction sector.


    Folding plastic foil

    Our service portfolio includes a wide range of folding techniques: perfect for you and your requirements profile! Depending on the objective, we can realise hard, soft or perforated bending edges for you.

    We prepare and permanently form the thermoplastics with our state-of-the-art machines to ensure ultimate precision and maximum durability. Whether customised folding boxes or display stands, whether finished or unfinished, whether perforated or something completely new! We will gladly accept any challenge!


    Bending plastic foil

    Thermoplastic foils can be shaped in more ways than just heating or cooling. Another method is bending and forming using pressure.

    Our machines not only bend thermoplastic materials but also other plastic mixtures. Because, in addition to hot bending, we can also take advantage of cold forming using pressure.

    The main advantage of this process is its cost-effectiveness, since it does not require as much energy input as other methods. However, products that are primarily intended for outdoor use should be shaped using a heat-based process. Bending or forming using pressure is less robust, which means that the items produced are less durable and of lower quality.


    Deep embossing plastic foil

    In addition to folding and bending plastic foils, deep embossing is also one of our strengths. In deep embossing, a forming tool causes a deformation within the surface by means of pressure. Signs, packaging, sleeves or folders thus achieve a more effective surface. Regardless of the geometric shape, deep embossing does not require any thermal pre-treatment or post-treatment, which opens up new dimensions in printing on plastic foils.

    Our extensive expertise combined with our machinery enables us to transform plastic foils by means of deep embossing and to offer you a comprehensive service portfolio with this technology.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

“Have your own customised product created for you. I would be delighted to advise you on our services.”

Luisa Bauer, Sales Consultant

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